About us

The history of alaskan malamute Shamanrock begun 1989.At that time was borned our first malamute male Argus Nordic ,,Argus´´ in the kennel owned by family Loužil.Mother of Argus was famous Perla Lonica Di Latina - she was imported with her brothers and sisters from Italy.Argu´s father was the most succesfull malamute at this time – Ich.Eluka Del Monte .Eluka got also working tituls as well as winnings at show.

The owner of Eluka was Mrs.Stanislava Bogdanova.Thanks to her our life became changing to a show marraton !Some months we were showing at 6 different places whole the Europe.

It was beautiful time of meeting new friends,congnition new places and we definitely fall through the breeding and showing our dogs.
When you once decided to have a malamute…After some time you will find that you want more malamutes After that we start to searched for female.Our images about her were unambiguos.We were decided to have a female for show and with excelent pedigree.
In September 1990 we brought new female Conny na Hořence.This female was the right one for us !Her wonderful exterier,excelent movement and friendly character charm many judges.

We think that the breeders of malamutes will appreciate her pedigree.
The mother of Conny was Ch.Cold Valley´s My Favorite Bijou .She was bred by very famous kennel Cold Valley´s owned by Chris Janneli.The father of Conny was Xefaluk Ipuk Di Latina imported from Italy.Those individuals gave the foundation for our breeding.
Our first liter was borned in 1992.And our kennel name was Of Montego.Under this kennel name we bred three litters.Our next litters are bred under kennel name Shamanrock.

To change our kennel name we were forced in 1995.At that time was discovered that Czech Federation of breeders didn´t sent the names of kennels to International register to Belgium.
The name Montego was already registered by Italian breeder.
We were forceded to change for SHAMANROCK.

Conny didn´t bred many pulpa ,but for that were her offsprings high duality puppies.
Every her liter was our honore !Also her daughters are excellent mothers.
Conny let us the remembrance in a shape of excellent exterier daughters and sons,and granddaugters and grandsons…

From both foreigne breeding gave us Conny very interesting puppies by pedigree site.
The father of our first abroad litter was ICh.Ch.WW.Storm Kloud´s Ccyrus Rex Valae (Storm Kloud´s line).His owner Mrs.Chris Janneli was very interesting in this breeding herself !
Chris would like to have a puppy out of Conny.After that she Orfee to us breeding with Ccyrus.
Out of this litter was borned male ICh.MultiCh.Believe in the Win of Montego ,,Bill´´ ,and
Females WJW.Ch.Blessed Love of Montego ,,Nana´´ a Ch.Broken Heart of Montego .
Offsprings from this litter excel with wonderfull,soundnes movement and excellent character.

Father of Conny´s last litter was ICh.Ch.Cold Valley´s Quot Erat ,,Kinuk´´ (Nanukem line).
The lonely female from this litter Colorspin of Montego ,,Betty´´ was never shown but you can see her pictures in Galery.
Two male sof this litter are fathers of succesfull puppies.One of the son to Conny and Kinuk is Ch.CV Tender Shadow of Montego ,,Shadow´´ and the second one is BIS.Ch.CV First Choice of Montego .

For both those two litters we would like to thanks to Mrs.Chris Janneli – Cold Valley´s kennel !

Next years brings us exclusive resolution and it was breeding ICh.CH.WJW.Blessed Love of Montego with Ch.Can.Kipmik´s Gong My Way ,,Taku´´.
Taku was imported from Canada by our big friend Joanna Lesinka (Forti Fortuna kennel – Poland).Taku came from very famous kennel of Alaskan malamute.His excellent origin give us the good presumption for nice offsprings.It is realy surprising he wasn´t use in breeding a lot !
In breeding with our female Nana (Blessed Love of Montego) Taku gave so far our most succesfull litter !!
There were borned 8 puppies in litter.
Here are the famouse daughters and sons to Nana and Taku :

Male – Fire Bird Shamanrock – complete conditions for Czech Champion

Female – First Lady Shamanrock – Champions of ČR,SR,HU,A ,Interchampion,Multi CLub Winter,Czech Champion of Champions 2001. Big Thanks for excellent handling and loving home for ,,Lady´´ is to Ivana and Radovan Lysak (Inditarod kennel).

Female – Favorite Bijou Shamanrock - Champions of ČR,BIH,Interchampion,Master ČR on weightpull,BOB out of judging Sharon Weston (USA), Multi BISS and BIS .

Female – For Your Love Shamanrock – Juniorchampion ČR,Champion ČR,CLub Winter.
Big Thanks for excellent handling and loving home for ,,Benny´´ to Mr. And Mrs. Fišer (Goddess kennel).

In 1999 we contacted famous belgium breeder Mrs.Nicol Hermann (Antartic Explorer kennel).We were absolutly fascinated by her male ,,Smokey´´ ICh.Ch.B.CZ.Moon Song´s Captain Moon Ray.Nicol imported this male from USA.
SO far we are very obligem for kindnes will to sent Smokey to our kennel.He was big contribution for our breeding but especialy for breeding of ALaskan malamute in Czech Republic !
His most famous offsprings are female Ice Puppy Shamanrock – Interchampion,Champion ČR,SR,European Winter and BOB 2005,BIG and BOB (under judging Mrs.B.Brooks- USA) and male ICh.MultiCh.Buffalo Bill Inditarod.

For this long years of breeding we have been hepled with advices and informations by many breeders.Some were already meantions in the text.
But the SPECIAL THANKS we send to :

- To Mrs.Nicol Herman and Mr.Eric Vanpreat (Antartic Explorer kennel)
,,Nicol and Eric, Thanks for your kindnes always help us not only with an advices.
Thanks for the trust you gave into us !´´

- Excellent breeder and handler Mrs.Gabrielle Lovati (Grandes Jorasses Kennel ).
,,Gabriela,Thanks for your wilingness to gave us time and informations how to profesional groom our malamutes ! ´´

- To talented breeder Mrs.Patricie Andres (Junga Negra kennel).
,,Patri,Thanks for the time we can spent with your wonderfull boy – Guisky !We have never before met malamute with this character ! Thanks for your friendship and trust in us ! ´´

We would like to Thanks to all owner of our offsprings !We are proud for all success you have done with our puppies.
Also thanks to you all is Shamanrock famous kennel with kind of quarantee of quality alaskan malamute !

At least but not last we would like to thank to all people which time to time let out some kind of ,,faithfuly stories´´ about us ,our dogs and kennel.
If there weren´t this kind of people our show and breeding success wouldn´t be so big !
Those people are just ,,engine´´ for us to make everything better 